Chipotle Chicken Casserole

June 26, 2011

From an early age, as a preacher’s kid (or P.K. as everyone referred to us) I was led to believe that you can’t get into Heaven without a covered dish. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Midwest where a potluck supper was a primary social occasion, but usually a casserole doesn’t appeal to […]

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Fish Tacos at El Pachuco

May 25, 2010

  In November, I wrote a post about El Pachuco, the Mexican café at the bottom of my road. I love to stop by there to pick up supper for myself as often as I think I can afford the calories. When I drove by yesterday, there was a sign out on the road that […]

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Cinco de Mayo – Easy Shredded Pork for Tacos

May 5, 2010

  Hola! Whether you celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) or not, it’s almost always appropriate to eat Mexican food. I honestly believe I must have had a former life as a Mexican because I could eat that food three (or more) times a day. So I look forward to Cinco de Mayo each […]

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Slow Cooker Chicken Mole

March 31, 2010

  Chicken Mole (moh-lay) may be an acquired taste for some, but I have loved it from the moment I first tasted it eons ago. Making the sauce from scratch can be quite a process, starting off by boiling a chicken (preserving the broth), then getting the meat off the bones. After that, you mix […]

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El Pachuco

November 28, 2009

  When I lived in Tucson, I had a friend who was dating a Mexican girl. He went to her family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner where they had a turkey and all the trimmings that we’ve come to expect in the USA. In the middle of the table, however, was an enormous bowl of refried […]

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Chicken, Chilies, and Corn Casserole

September 16, 2009

  If I could eat one specific cuisine three times a day, it would be Mexican. Over the years, I’ve learned to make quite a few traditional Mexican dishes. I’m not even sure where some of them came from now. I’ve made them in my own way, of course, so they have a touch of […]

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