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Down the Garden Path

new garden path
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One of my Christmas gifts was a gift card for Ace Hardware. I decided to start working on the area that I look at from my kitchen window. I already have several red smoky bushes (that’s my name for them), several banana trees and several coffee trees.
So I took my gift card and bought enough bags of black cinder to start a path through the plants. I plan to add ground covers and several other plants that can fill in to give me something beautiful to see. It may take a few more bags of cinder to complete the path.

another view of the path
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Another plant I’ve put out there is this year’s Christmas poinsettia. There is a small poinsettia left over from many years ago that hasn’t done much the past couple of years.

An Art Filled Thanksgiving

Most mornings, I take time to read a few pages from motivational books. Just this morning the topic was making every day a day of Thanksgiving – not about only the big spectacular events that happen to us in life, but the fact that I had a bed to sleep in last night, that there are items to make my life better, that I have senses to enrich my life.

It is in that spirit that I bring you this post, even though Thanksgiving Day is more than five weeks past. Giving thanks for our wonderful blessings and relationships is not only a good way to greet each day, but to start out a new year.

For the past two years, I have had the enjoyment of sharing Thanksgiving dinner with friends in the home of an older gentleman who retired here in Ocean View. He and his late wife came here a number of years ago and started creating their special place on four bare acres. Now it is a place of beauty, and gives me great hope for doing the same on my acre of lava.

Water lilies seem to do well here. I see them in other gardens, too.

I had forgotten about Morea Iris until I saw his. I may try to plant this in my yard. I used to grow bunches of it when I lived in California. It is also called “Fortnight Lily” because it blooms every fortnight (that’s two weeks, in case you forgot).

There is a beautiful fountain in the courtyard entry to his home.

There was no water flowing because of the children who were also guests.

Nothing could phase the beautiful sleeping Siamese. He wasn’t exactly a good “watch dog” or even an “attack cat.”

There are quite a few bananas being propagated and protected.

Around every corner of the house is a path leading to another spot of beauty.

Here is another spot with one of my favorite plants.

It seems like creating a dry stream bed is the thing to do here, where we don’t get much rain to create a wet stream.

What they created outside is beautiful, but that isn’t what attracted me most. They were able to travel all over the world in their respective professions. The inside of their home reflects their love of art and the unique.

Take a glance down the hallway at the beautiful art work. Each room and corner inside the house is a treasure, just as it is outside.

And oh, the books! If you know how much I love books, you’ll know why I appreciate these, along with more artwork. I like to books that are not “arranged” but are obviously read and loved.

Each week, several friends gather in his home to perform classical music for their personal pleasure.

I can’t begin to explain all the many nooks and crannies both inside and outside of their lovely home. With a full tummy and the joy of good fellowship with friends, I left through this entrance to their estate.

There are too many things to see and do in life, and not enough time to do it all, but this lovely man and his wife seem to have done their best to get it all in.

Aloha, and mahalo for including me in your Day of Thanksgiving!

E Komo Mai – Welcome!

Kaimana, my wonderful friend, loves the outdoors. He’s gotten out by accident only a few times, but he always found his way back home. His paws were always scraped raw when he returned, not being accustomed to the harshness of the lava. Now he mostly sits to watch the world go by and fantasize about a life of freedom.

When I first moved in, the lonely monstera you can see through the screen was gracing my entryway, compliments of the previous owner. I added a turtle pot at the bottom of the steps. Now Mr. Turtle lives over on the other side. I’m not sure what’s growing in it here. A friend gave me a few cuttings of a ground cover that didn’t make it. He is empty as I write this, waiting for divine inspiration.

The monstera was eventually shifted down to the ground and I began searching for a way to add my own touch to the entry. On this next photo, you can see where I put the monstera.

You can also see the small Angel’s Trumpet trees growing from cuttings I put in. This name is shared with the closely related genus Datura. The Brugmansia genus is perennial and woody, the Datura species is herbaceous. Also, the Brugmansia has pendulous blooms while the Datura has more erect blooms. I’ve been calling what I have “Datura,” but seems I’m incorrect in that. Can anyone straighten me out? There are many beautiful trees of the Angel’s Trumpet here on the Big Island.

I was given cuttings of ti plants (Cordyline Terminalis), or ki in Hawai`ian. Ti or ki is grown in profusion around any Hawai`ian home to provide good luck and protection. It has bushed out and grown even taller since I took this shot. I was amazed at how quickly they grew from simple eighteen-inch pieces of stalk. I put them into water with a rooting compound and within a very short time, I was able to put them into the ground.

I was given a large full basket of a variety of orchids, so I stuck that in the corner where the monstera had been on the front stoop. They are difficult to see here. Isn’t that a nice path going around the house?

This has definitely been a “work in progress.” As you can see, there was a lot of work to be done to make the entry more inviting.

The dark green lattice work I’ve started putting in around the lower portion of the house is a great improvement, don’t you think?

Little by little this acre of lava is being transformed, but I’m an impatient woman.